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Gary Grant Lead Guide/Owner of Grace Elk Outfitters

June 2015

My love for hunting began as a small boy of only 8 years of age. My dad Gary Grant was an avid squirrel hunter his whole life. He taught me a special style if squirrel hunting (still hunting). Contrary to the name still hunting is a very active style. You listen for a squirrels feeding activity and then try to move into shotgun range for a clear shot. During my early years Dad taught me firearm safety, tree identification, and of course how to use the terrain/ foliage to make a stealthy stalk on a target game animal.  Being patient and absolutely silent when moving through the leaf litter was the rule. We always took pride in ethical shots and quick clean harvests. It was a contest between Dad, my brother Brad and myself who could get a limit of six squirrels (preferably fox squirrels) with only six shots. This often overlooked method of hunting sparked an interest in big game hunting in me. It also helped me have success in many of those big game endeavors. While I had helped others place tree stands and be successful deer hunters, In 1996 I personally harvested my first whitetail. In 1998 with the help of a friend harvested my first spring Tom turkey. I was hooked and have pursued both those species with fervor ever since! To me very few things compare to a loud gobble on a foggy spring morning, a thundering bugle at first light, or the sound of hooves hurrying through the leaf litter during the November whitetail rut.
In 2007 I was approached by a fellow hunter who had the coveted Kentucky Bull Tag. He asked if I could help him harvest one. With a professional background in Forestry and a hunting lifestyle from the time I was small, I said I thought I could help him. I immediately began scouting. During the many pre-season scouting trips with a good friend of mine (Craig West), my knowledge and understanding for elk grew. It wasn't just knowledge and understanding but a respect and love for these large, majestic beasts. I don't think i got a full nights sleep the week if opening season due to the building excitement. Finally opening day came. My hunter was able to harvest his bull in only a few minutes. This experience really solidified in my mind that elk hunting/guiding was going to be added as a front runner in my list of hobbies. Later that same year I was contacted by a friend of a friend (John Doll) of Louisville, KY. John had been the recipient of a Kentucky Rifle Cow Elk tag and needed help. Again all the hard work scouting paid off with a successful hunt. It was at that point I decided to obtain a guide license and pursue these beautiful animals.
Since then I have led many a hunter and huntress on adventurous outings in the elk woods. In 2011 I received an archery cow tag of my own. Talk about putting your money where your mouth is!!! After a few hunts I put a stalk on and harvested a nice mature cow. It was exhilarating!!! I learned so much during my hunt. While the hours are long and the work is hard, I enjoy elk hunting and guiding. I have made so many close friends through it. 


Peyton Collett


I've have always had a passion for hunting and the great out doors. I have just recently had the opportunity to join Grace Elk Outfitters and I could not pass it up. God has truly blessed me with this opportunity and I look forward to each year to make new friends and take people on the hunt of there life. I give all the credit to God and I hope to be a blessing to you. God bless!ry here

Mike Coyle


I am a lifelong Kentuckian who was introduced to hunting at age 11 and was
quickly hooked. After learning on small game and deer, I started as a young adult
to take hunting trips as my vacations. My first elk trip was to Colorado in 1991.
Married for 23 years with four children, I continue to travel in pursuit of big game
or upland birds with my two English Setters. I am active in 4-H Shooting Sports,
Quail Forever and the League of Kentucky Sportsmen but my newest hobby is
amateur long range rifle shooting. I look forward to meeting new people, trading
stories and helping them have a rewarding and memorable adventure.Coming Soon

Tom Crockett


Tom Crockett has been a guide for Grace Elk Outfitters since 2009.  He has strong passion for Christ, family, elk hunting and the outdoors.  His guiding experiences focus on safety, hunter needs and making each hunt a life time memory.  


Brandon Hacker


Add News Story hereBorn and Raised in Southeastern KY, I have spent most of my life chasing critters in the Appalachian Mountains. My passion is Christ, church, Family and Hunting. God has surely blessed me in my walk of life, and I couldn’t be more thankful for the Opportunity to work with Grace Elk Outfitters. John 10:10 

Scott Hamilton


Born and raised in Owensboro, Kentucky, and retired from the Owensboro Fire Department, my love of all things outdoors began at an early age. I started hunting whitetail and turkey at the age of 18 and began my big game hunting 10 years later in Wyoming and Colorado harvesting bull elk, mule deer and antelope.

My passion is archery hunting and harvested a Kentucky cow elk in 2014. I have successfully assisted other hunters in harvesting elk in Colorado and Kentucky. I understand how difficult it is to obtain a Kentucky elk tag and I am committed to provide you with a once in a lifetime hunt.  Your success is my success!

Lincoln Smith


My love for the outdoors was instilled in me at an early age hunting small game, Whitetail deer and eastern wild turkeys with my grandpa in the hills of Kentucky and farmlands of western Virginia. Every chance we got we’d wet a line in the rivers, ponds and lakes around home. I harvested my first Whitetail buck when I was 10 years old and that only fueled my obsession. 

Now I have three sons who I can share my passion with. They too have a love for the woods and water. We are active fisherman, small game trappers and hunters. I treasure every moment I get to spend with family and friends in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky that we call home. 

In recent years I’ve added guiding Kentucky Elk hunts to my list of passions in the outdoors. There’s nothing more exciting than locating a bugling bull and seeing the smiles on clients faces after the harvest! I take each hunt personally, just like it is my tag or one of my sons. I take pride in giving each hunter the experience of a lifetime by having a positive attitude, having a good time and giving 100% from beginning to end! 

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